Announcement: Flocker plugin for Docker release

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Have you ever wanted to use Flocker with your Docker Swarm clusters? How about easily managing statefull apps with Mesos/Marathon? The Flocker plugin for Docker lets you easily connect your Docker containers with persistent storage.

Flocker plugin for Docker is now available

In June at DockerCon 2015 in San Francisco, Solomon Hykes announced experimental support for Docker volume plugins. Docker volume plugins make it possible to build add-ons to Docker that manage persistent storage. At the same time, we made available our own experimental Docker volume plugin for migrating data volumes between nodes in a cluster. Now we are pleased to announce the general availability of our Flocker plugin for Docker.

The Flocker plugin for Docker allows you to provision Flocker volumes directly from within Docker. That means you don’t have to use a seperate tool to manage your persistent data volumes.

Whenever you create a container with a data volume, just specify the --volume-driver=flocker flag, and then specify a name and mountpoint, e.g. -v my-volume:/mount/point.

The plugin is easy to use - simply install & enable the clusterhq-flocker-docker-plugin package and upload an API certificate to each of your nodes. Read the full installation instructions on our documentation site.

All this means that you can now use Docker Swarm and Mesos/Marathon with Flocker via the Flocker plugin for Docker to manage your stateful Docker clusters at scale. Expect more information, guides and tutorials on this topic soon.


We’d love to hear your feedback on these or any features or ideas have might have.

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