Docker Boston Meetup Recap


Yesterday, April 28, ClusterHQ was at the Docker Boston meetup we wanted to provide a recap for those who could not attend. The meetup consisted of covering Flocker and some of its latest features working with the Docker tool-chain of Swarm, Compose, and Machine. This post will recap what was talked about and demoed including Swarm’s new rescheduling feature.

Also at the meetup was Abdelrahman Hosny from the University of Connecticut Bioinformatics Department to talk about algorithms reproducibility. They created a solution called AlgoRun to easily package algorithms in Docker containers which was pretty awesome! Check it out at

A special thanks to VMTurbo for hosting the meetup!

In this blog post we will recap what ClusterHQ talked about at the meetup including slides, demo, and a recording. Enjoy!


    In this talk we introduced Flocker v1.11 and some of its new features such as GCE support, RHEL support, better performance, container-agent being optional and a new back-end for Open vStorage. Visit our release post to learn more about Flocker v1.11.

    The talk also consisted of demoing Flocker 1.11 with Docker Compose, Swarm and Machine. The demo automatically set up a Docker Swarm cluster on AWS with Flocker using Docker Machine and Ansible. If you didn’t get a chance to be there, don’t worry, it’s all below!




    You can try the demo yourself as well, just visit this GitHub repository to get started.

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