CoprHD joins the Flocker family with the release of new storage driver


Today, we are very excited to announce that CoprHD has joined the Flocker storage driver family, enabling their open-source, software-defined storage controller and API platform to work as the backend of stateful Docker containers.

What is CoprHD?

CoprHD is the open-source development project based on EMC ViPR Controller. CoprHD is a software platform for building a storage cloud. It is designed with two key goals in mind:

  • Make an enterprise or a service provider datacenter full of storage resources (block arrays, filers, SAN and NAS switches) look and feel like a single massive virtual storage array, automating and hiding its internal structure and complexity.

  • Extend a full set of essential provisioning operations to end-users. This can range from simple operations such a block volume creation to fairly complex operations such as creating disaster-recovery-protected volumes in different data centers. A key tenet of this capability is to enable them to do it in a truly multi-user, multi-tenant fashion by providing tenant separation, access control, auditing, usage monitoring, and other features.

CoprHD addresses these goals in a vendor-agnostic and extensible way, supporting a variety of storage devices from several vendors without resorting to a “least common denominator” approach in regard to features offered by these devices.

What is Flocker?

Flocker gives operations teams the tools they need to manage stateful microservices built using Docker containers. It is designed to work with storage systems like those provided by CoprHD.

When using containers natively, a container’s data does not move with it when the container moves to a new server.

Flocker in action

Used alongside tools like the Docker Engine, Docker Swarm or Apache Mesos, or by itself, Flocker enables containers and data to move together between hosts in a cluster, an operational requirement for running stateful services like databases in containers.

You can download the CoprHD storage driver for Flocker.

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