ClusterHQ interviews with The New Stack,, and Floss Weekly

Recently, we had the opportunity to share perspectives with industry experts via several podcasts. Below is a recap that includes the session recordings. Feel free to join the discussion too by posting a comment below. We look forward to chatting!

Mohit Bhatnagar, VP of Product at ClusterHQ talks to

Here, Mohit discusses industry shifts and how ClusterHQ is approaching customer needs with persistent storage solutions.

Sandeepan Banerjee, SVP of Engineering and Operations at CHQ and Mohit Bhatnagar talk to The New Stack

Sandeepan and Mohit explain lifecycle state management and how it’s orthogonal from container orchestration. What lies in the future as far as standardization?

Mohit Bhatnagar talks to Floss Weekly

Mohit leads a deep dive into Flocker use cases and the ClusterHQ roadmap concerning data management for microservices architecture.

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