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Company Unveils the ClusterHQ Volume Hub and dvol “Git for Data”

SAN FRANCISCO – November 12, 2015 – ClusterHQ, The Container Data People, announced two new solutions designed to manage stateful microservices all the way from development to production: dvol, a CLI providing Git-like functionality for data and the ClusterHQ Volume Hub. Developers spend a significant portion of their time waiting for tests to run, and tracking down and reproducing bugs. Operations teams are constantly evaluating the health of their applications and responding to changing conditions. To address these challenges faced by DevOps teams, ClusterHQ created dvol and the ClusterHQ Volume Hub to better assist Docker users looking to test, build and run stateful container-based applications. These new options give developers and operations teams expanded resources for testing and managing containerized applications so that users at any level can easily manage their data in containers from the convenience of a laptop.

The ClusterHQ Volume Hub is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) management system that displays a catalog of all the data volumes in a Flocker cluster in an easily digestible interface, enabling lightning fast search for more seamless container data management. Using the ClusterHQ Volume Hub, data volumes that are experiencing problems are automatically displayed so that users can easily track clusters and resolve issues quickly. The ClusterHQ Volume Hub also supports new users by making container data management easier to understand and visualize. The ClusterHQ Volume Hub will be available free of charge on November 16th as part of ClusterHQ Labs, a collection of cutting-edge experimental solutions offered to the community for feedback.

dvol brings Git-like functionality to Docker volumes to assist developers when writing code, and testing and deploying stateful containers long before they reach production. Users can speed up the testing process by caching database state as a commit, thereby eliminating the need to recreate databases if running additional tests. dvol also enables users to commit database state and save it when a bug manifests. With this option, developers will be able to use problematic state as a basis for fast acceptance tests, ensuring that future versions of their code avoid similar bugs. dvol is available for free as an Apache 2.0 download at and is also part of ClusterHQ Labs.

“Learning a new technology can be daunting. With Flocker’s expanded capabilities, ClusterHQ helps new users and veterans alike get the most out of their container experience,” said Luke Marsden, CTO of ClusterHQ. “It’s the developers who are driving innovation in this industry and our goal is to make it possible for all audiences to work with containers at any level, from experimental all the way to production deployment.”

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ClusterHQ makes data as portable, flexible and agile as the containers powering modern computing. The company’s suite of products– FlockerHub, Fli and Flocker–give developers and operations teams the control needed to manage the data powering microservices. At the center of the ClusterHQ platform is FlockerHub, which is like GitHub® for data. With it, teams can store and share any Docker data volume with access-controlled users or machines. Fli, a Git-like command line interface, snapshots, branches, pushes and pulls data volumes to FlockerHub. Used together, DevOps teams can seamlessly move data between laptops, test environments, data centers and clouds all with version and access controls. In addition to FlockerHub and Fli, customers worldwide use Flocker, the leading open source volume orchestrator designed make stateful containers portable in production. Flocker works with over 15 cloud and enterprise storage systems, including four of the five global leaders: EMC, HPE, Dell and NetApp. ClusterHQ provides unparalleled data management across entire containerized application lifecycles. We are the Container Data People™.

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