ClusterHQ Expands Executive Team to Accelerate Development of Container Data Management Solutions

Former Google and NetApp Leads to Head Engineering and Product for Market Leading Container Data Management Company

SAN FRANCISCO – January 14, 2016 – ClusterHQ, The Container Data People, today announced that it has hired Sandeepan Banerjee as Senior Vice President of Engineering and Operations, and Mohit Bhatnagar as Vice President of Product. Banerjee and Bhatnagar will be responsible for driving ClusterHQ’s comprehensive product strategy and execution as the company continues to set the standard for container data management solutions. These notable executives bring deep expertise in distributed systems and high performance, large scale storage infrastructure, which will enable ClusterHQ to grow its product portfolio to capitalize on the increasing number organizations implementing containers in development and production operations.

Sandeepan Banerjee, SVP Engineering and Operations

Banerjee brings decades of experience in product management at both Google and Oracle, most recently specializing in data storage infrastructure. His hands-on experience with storage platforms and data processing will be vital as ClusterHQ continues to help transform modern IT infrastructure by making containers production ready. Most recently, he spent ten years as Data Head at Google, where he managed exabyte-class Google-wide storage systems, web-search infrastructure and YouTube video processing, as well as core products for Google Fiber. Prior to this, Banerjee spent 10 years at Oracle in various roles, including Senior Director of Product Management for Oracle’s core database server technology group.

Mohit Bhatnagar, VP Product

Bhatnagar’s expertise in developing new products and building hyper-growth businesses spans over 20 years. Recently he has served in development, product management, and marketing roles at NetApp, Symantec, and big data infrastructure startups. His in-depth knowledge of the storage landscape and distributed applications will contribute to building an aggressive product roadmap at ClusterHQ as he leads the global product team.

We are attracting some of the finest talent in enterprise software and cloud computing IT to build ClusterHQ, and are thrilled to add Sandeepan and Mohit to our proven and high powered leadership

— Mark Davis, CEO of ClusterHQ.

These industry heavyweights, as well as Serge Pashenkov who recently joined us from VMware, have built and operated some of the world’s most impressive data storage operations. With these leaders’ track records in distributed systems storage, container technology and cloud infrastructure as-a-service, ClusterHQ can scale to meet strong market demand for our suite of container data management software.

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ClusterHQ makes data as portable, flexible and agile as the containers powering modern computing. The company’s suite of products– FlockerHub, Fli and Flocker–give developers and operations teams the control needed to manage the data powering microservices. At the center of the ClusterHQ platform is FlockerHub, which is like GitHub® for data. With it, teams can store and share any Docker data volume with access-controlled users or machines. Fli, a Git-like command line interface, snapshots, branches, pushes and pulls data volumes to FlockerHub. Used together, DevOps teams can seamlessly move data between laptops, test environments, data centers and clouds all with version and access controls. In addition to FlockerHub and Fli, customers worldwide use Flocker, the leading open source volume orchestrator designed make stateful containers portable in production. Flocker works with over 15 cloud and enterprise storage systems, including four of the five global leaders: EMC, HPE, Dell and NetApp. ClusterHQ provides unparalleled data management across entire containerized application lifecycles. We are the Container Data People™.

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