ClusterHQ Expands Partner Ecosystem, Enables Docker to Work With Leading Enterprise Storage Solutions

NetApp, Huawei, ConvergeIO, Hedvig, Nexenta and Saratoga Speed Join Rapidly Growing Storage Partner Network

SAN FRANCISCO – August 26, 2015 – ClusterHQ, The Container Data People, today announced that NetApp, Huawei, ConvergeIO, Nexenta, Hedvig and Saratoga Speed have joined its storage partner ecosystem. These innovative enterprise storage companies have delivered, or plan to soon deliver, storage drivers for ClusterHQ’s Flocker container data management software. Customers of these enterprise storage providers can use Flocker with their hardware-based or software-defined storage solution of choice in public cloud, on-premises or hybrid environments to create portable container-level storage for Docker. Flocker lets DevOps teams easily containerize databases and stateful microservices by directly attaching a storage volume to a container and migrating the container and its data together between servers as operations demand. Flocker is designed to work with other tools in the container ecosystem like Docker Compose, Docker Swarm and Apache Mesos.

Recent surveys indicate that Docker is seeing significant uptake in the enterprise, however, data management and persistent storage are cited as top barriers to adoption of containers in production. By building a storage driver for Flocker, leading enterprise storage providers like NetApp and Huawei enable customers to use containers for their entire application, even its critical databases, in production environments, increasing return on investment of both containers and storage solutions.

“As a leader in enterprise storage and data management, NetApp has played a critical role in many technology revolutions. We partner with companies like ClusterHQ to bring NetApp software and platforms, including clustered Data ONTAP, to a new generation of applications,” said Phil Brotherton, VP cloud solutions, NetApp.

“Huawei’s dedication to customer-centric innovation and strong partnerships is what makes our company a global leader in end-to-end enterprise solutions. We are fully embracing Docker through several industry collaborations and are looking forward to delivering a storage driver for ClusterHQ’s Flocker to power integration between our enterprise infrastructure solutions and provide increased options to customers worldwide,” said Fan Ruiqi, president of storage product line, Huawei.

“An important ecosystem is emerging of key players looking to accelerate the adoption of containers in enterprise production environments. We’re thrilled at the interest we’ve received from leaders and innovators in the storage space that are interested in integrating with Flocker to deliver flexible, shared portable storage for Docker,” said Mark Davis, CEO, ClusterHQ.

In addition to working with other popular container management tools, the pluggable nature of Flocker is designed to work with any storage system, providing the ability to integrate Dockerized applications with existing storage backends. Any company or community that wants its storage to work with Docker can easily write a driver for Flocker. To learn more about building a storage plugin for ClusterHQ’s Flocker visit:

Supporting Quotes:


By partnering with ClusterHQ we are fulfilling our commitment to create open source-driven software-defined storage (OpenSDS) solutions that maximize flexibility and choices for customers. We’ve seen a huge uptake in customers who want to use Docker for their enterprise applications and we are thrilled to enable them to leverage our NexentaEdge and NexentaStor OpenSDS solutions as they deploy containers in production,

- Thomas Cornely, chief product officer, Nexenta.


Like ClusterHQ, we at ConvergeIO recognize the need for persistent shared storage that is just as mobile and agile as containerized applications. Our collaboration on Flocker enables developers to bring data mobility, load balancing and high availability to stateful applications. ConvergeIO’s application centric approach makes managing storage, QoS and data services as simple as issuing a software command,

- Jonathan Kong, founder and CEO, ConvergeIO.


We see a true shift in the way enterprises are building modern data centers. Containers and microservices enable the agility and flexibility that DevOps need to keep pace with rapid service delivery. Our partnership with ClusterHQ is a great example of making it easier for customers to take advantage of microservices in production environments. Hedvig is a modern, distributed system built to provide storage for newer architectures. Now with the Hedvig storage driver for Flocker we solve the problem of persistent storage for containers,

- Avinash Lakshman, CEO, Hedvig Inc.

Saratoga Speed

Saratoga Speed recognizes the critical role of software and services in managing all-flash storage for big and fast data, particularly in Docker-based Red Hat and Windows environments. Our driver for Flocker enables seamless integration of very high-performance all-flash storage in a Docker environment and we are looking forward to additional integrations in the future that maximize the potential of Docker in the enterprise,

- Sharad Mehrotra, CEO, Saratoga Speed.

Additional information about new Flocker storage drivers:

NetApp: Learn More

Hedvig: Download Driver Now

ConvergeIO: Download Driver Now

Saratoga Speed: Download Driver Now

Nexenta: Coming Q3 2015

Huawei: Coming Q4 2015

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