Open Source projects from ClusterHQ

We are heavy users of open source projects like Python, Twisted, OpenZFS, Docker and more. Along the way we’ve built software we feel might be more generally useful, and are happy to have it available to the community at large.

Fli: The CLI to FlockerHub

Fli, the CLI to FlockerHub, is like Git for data. Just like you can use Git to copy, branch, push and pull code, you can use Fli to copy, branch, push and pull your data volumes.

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Flocker: Container Data Management for Docker volumes

Flocker is an open-source container data volume manager for your Dockerized application. It gives ops teams the tools they need to run containerized stateful services like databases in production.

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Eliot: Logging as Storytelling

Eliot is a logging framework for Python that allows you to understand the flow of actions within a running program, as opposed to the normal approach of logging a series of disconnected isolated data points.

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Machinist: Well-built Finite State Machines

Machinist makes it easy to create extremely powerful finite state machines in Python, almost a necessity when doing event-driven programming.

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Powerstrip: A tool for prototyping Docker extensions

Powerstrip is implemented as a configurable, pluggable HTTP proxy for the Docker API which lets you plug multiple Docker extension prototypes into the same Docker daemon. For example, you can have a storage adapter (e.g. Flocker) running alongside a networking adapter (e.g. Weave), all playing nice with your choice of orchestration framework.

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