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Run your databases in Docker and make them as portable as the rest of your app

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$ # Flocker can migrate a container and its associated volume from one physical node to another and re-route network traffic. $ flocker-deploy deployment.yml fig.yml SLEEP $ # The configuration consists of an application configuration which is a fig file, plus a deployment configuration. $ cat fig.yml mongodb-volume-example: image: clusterhq/mongodb ports: ["27017:27017"] volumes: ["/data/db"] $ # The application config references Docker images. $ cat deployment.yml version: 1 nodes: "": [] "": ["mongodb-volume-example"] $ # The deployment config defines which containers are running where - and lets you dynamically move them around. $ # We also support cross-host Docker links. $ # Check out our docs to give it a go!
Seamless database migrations for your microservices
Move containers and their data together between hosts. Unique 2-phase data migration reduces downtime, even for large databases.

Integrates into your existing Docker workflow
Define your app as a set of connected containers using Docker's Fig format and use Flocker to deploy & manage it.

Run multiple containers on multiple machines
Use Flocker to deploy your Docker Fig application to multiple servers in one or more data centers.

Easily move between dev, staging, production
Move your entire microservice, including its data, between dev, staging and production. You can even migrate between data centers or providers.

Supports the databases, queues and key-value stores you love
(and everything else that runs on Linux!)


Flocker works great with

Amazon web services
Core OSComing Soon
Cloud FoundryComing Soon
monsosphereComing Soon

Getting Started

Flocker lets you run microservices apps with database containers and move them around between servers. Follow our step-by-step guide to see how easy it is.
Get started using Flocker

Storage solutions

We designed Flocker to make the lives of operations pros easier. Explore our storage solutions for Docker including persistent storage for containers. View Solutions

Careers at ClusterHQ

We are on a mission to build the data layer for containers. And thanks to our world-class investors, including Accel Partners, we have the resources to do it. Join us. Join the team

Michael Coté The data layer has always been difficult, but critical, as an application without state is not too valuable. It's great to see ClusterHQ working on this layer of the new stack.
— Michael Coté, Research Director
451 Research

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