ClusterHQ raises $12 million Series A from Accel Partners & Canaan Partners to build data layer for Docker

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I’m excited to announce today that we’ve just closed a $12 million Series A investment lead by Accel Partners, with participation from Canaan Partners as well as existing investors. ClusterHQ will use the funds to expand technical and go-to-market resources to help organizations use containers in production. In particular, we’ll be expanding the ClusterHQ headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area to complement our UK-based development team, taking advantage of the Silicon Valley and global networks of both Accel Partners and Canaan Partners.

Who are ClusterHQ?

The rest of this post is about that, and what drives us.

At ClusterHQ we are building the data layer for containers, enabling developers and operations teams to run not just their stateless applications in containers, but their databases, queues and key-value stores as well.

It’s no secret that most businesses nowadays, whether they are tiny startups or big established enterprises, have to be able to build and run software faster in order to not get left behind by their competition. Speed is not a choice, it is an imperative.

The reason that the Docker container platform is taking off like nothing enterprise software has ever seen before is that containers enable companies to build higher quality software, faster. Because of this monumental shift in development, container growth is exploding. One measure of this growth is that Docker’s container platform went from under 3 million downloads in June 2014 to 100 million in January 2015.

But there is a problem.

Containers don’t handle data very well. This means that databases, the heart of every application, can’t run in containers without significant engineering resources. Google can do it; the company recently revealed that everything at Google runs in a container. But most companies don’t have Google’s resources.

With our new equity financing, ClusterHQ is accelerating our mission to give all developers the tools they need to run their critical data services inside containers so they can realize the full speed and quality benefits of a fully containerized architecture.

Flocker & Powerstrip

In August 2014, we launched an open source project called Flocker which promises to let developers run their databases inside Docker containers and make them as portable as the rest of the app. We will continue to invest in Flocker over the coming months, turning it from something fun to hack on over the weekend into a production-ready tool for managing data of real workloads. We are also working on lots of other exciting projects like Powerstrip, a tool to prototype Docker extensions that will accelerate the ability to use Flocker seamlessly with Docker.

Come and work with us!

We’re excited to be taking the next step in our company’s journey. It’s going to be an exciting next few years. So if you love Docker, distributed systems and storage, and want to work on it full time, we’re hiring in the US and the UK. Join us!

About Flocker

Flocker is an open-source container data volume manager for your Dockerized application. It gives ops teams the tools they need to run containerized stateful services like databases in production.

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