As a developer, you spend a lot of time manually and automatically testing applications, and to do that, you use sample data in local databases. To make your life easier, we've created dvol, a utility that brings git-like functionality to Docker volumes. This means you can commit, reset and branch your development databases just like you already can with your code. dvol is available as an Apache 2.0 download.

Version Control for Data

As a version control system for your databases, dvol speeds ups and improves the testing process.

  • Speeding up tests: You can speed up integration tests by caching database state as a commit, and rolling back to it rather than re-creating your database from scratch every time you run the tests.
  • Interactive debugging: Found a bug in your app which only manifests when the database is in a certain state? Commit the database state and save it, along with the code state, for later debugging. It’s like having bookmarks for your development database.
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