Making containers stateful

The emergence of Docker and containers is fueling an explosion in microservice-based applications. Unlike traditional applications which often had one well-cared for database in a single place, microservices are characterized by many, smaller databases, often of dramatically different types, mixing SQL, NoSQL and distributed databases all for the same application. Containers are the perfect place to run microservices, however containers do not provide tools for data portability between hosts: when a container moves, its data does not move with it!

Flocker is an open-source container data volume manager that ensures that no matter where a container runs within a cluster of servers, it always has the correct data volume associated with it. The underlying storage for Flocker is provided by a network of storage partners including Amazon EBS, Openstack Cinder, EMC, NetAPP, VMware, and more.

Native docker 'vs' Flocker
Flocker lets you move a container and its volume together between hosts

Companies currently in the Storage Partner Program

The benefits of becoming a ClusterHQ storage partner

ClusterHQ storage partners send a powerful message to the world that their platform is the best backing storage for Docker. Become a ClusterHQ storage partner and receive:

Instant access to the entire ecosystem of Docker tools

Flocker works with the Docker Engine, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, Mesos & Marathon, CoreOS and more. By writing one Flocker storage driver, you get instant access to the entire ecosystem of tools fueling the container revolution. No need to do many one-off integrations with all the emerging container tools. ClusterHQ has that covered.

Co-marketing opportunities with the leader in container data management

ClusterHQ is seen as the leader in the emerging container data management category. With backing from some of the world’s leading venture capitalists, we’re eager and able to make a huge impact on the container ecosystem with our partners. We have a host of co-marketing options, from joint webinar to joint solution selling that we can work on together.

Accelerated adoption of your storage technology in more production environments

There is no question that Docker and containers are emerging as a major new way of building new applications. As this trend continues, storage companies who embrace Docker will see growth coming from these new container-based workloads.

What does becoming a ClusterHQ partner entail?

To demonstrate to the world that your storage system is built to work with the Docker ecosystem, you will build a simple, yet powerful storage driver for Flocker. This driver will let a Docker user set your storage as the backend target for their application. Any volumes created via the Docker CLI or API, will be created on your storage system. When a user then moves their containers among hosts in a cluster, Flocker will manage the mounting and unmounting of data volumes with container.

If you have previously built a driver for Openstack Cinder, the process of building your Flocker storage driver will be very familiar. Full documentation on building a Flocker storage driver is available.

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